Stadium #22
Mall of America Field at the HHH Metrodome
Minneapolis,  MN
Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings Stadium
September 26, 2010
10 - 24 Win
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  Stadium Vitals
Built: 1982
Capacity: 64,121 seats
Playing Surface: FieldTurf
Draft Beer: $7.00       
Hot Dog: $3.50
Stadium Parking: $30.00  
Stadium Address

900 S 5th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55415
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  Stadium Review - The Ultimate Minnesota Vikings Fan Experience
Viking SuperFansMinnesota Viking fans are some of the most colorful fans in the National Football League. They’re a fanbase with a strong connection to their team which manifests itself on gameday in their embrace of Viking culture, a nod to the strong Scandinavian contingent that chose to settle in the Minnesota region.

In my attempt to better understand what it’s actually like to be a fan of this proud and regal franchise, I was in search of the Ultimate Minnesota Viking Fan Experience.  An experience that would take me to a small town located two and a half hours northwest of the twin cities, a place called Crosby, Minnesota. Nestled near the downtown area of this little town, visitors will find the Nordic Inn, a Viking themed bed and breakfast owned an operated by Steinarr the Krazee Viking.

The Viking Inn - "Lothar the Diminutive"Stepping through the massive oak doors at the entrance to the Nordic Inn is like stepping back in time … a time of wenches and warriors of Vikings and pillaging. Upon entering, guests exchange their worthless US currency for Kronars, the exclusive leather coin currency of the Nordic Inn, in addition, they are outfitted with period clothing and Viking names in what is truly an immersive Viking experience. I assumed the name, “Lothar the Diminutive,” ... I lobbied for “Lothar the Magnificent” but was overruled … who says Vikings don’t have a sense of humor? Anyway, with Viking ale and mead on tap (a Viking alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey and water), the life of a Viking warrior is certainly not so bad. We drink, we converse, we tell tales of triumph and woe. Visitors can even buy handmade Viking drinking horns for sampling the many cold beverages of choice on tap (as soon as I saw one, I couldn’t resist).

For most of the evening, guests are entertained by Steinarr and Lady Amber in Asgard, the main drinking hall which includes an impressive bar, a cozy fireplace, and a host of Viking weaponry and armaments which adorn the walls. At dinner time, we retired to the banquet My Stay at the Nordic Inn in Crosby, MNtable for a Viking feast prepared by Steinarr and devoured in the traditional Viking way … with a knife, and only a knife. I learned that spoons and forks are for the weak, as true Vikings warriors chop and stab their food with a specially forged dinner knife. For larger groups, Steinarr and company provide an interactive dinner theatre. Guests assume roles in a Viking murder mystery such as a thief, a gypsy, and a shamon among others. They work together to complete a task as part of a full evening of Medieval intrigue. It definitely keeps things interesting.

Steinarr himself is a master craftsman who hand crafts all of the implements and decorum in the Nordic Inn in traditional Viking fashion. He even outfits many of the Viking fans who appear at the HHH Metrodome in realistic looking period clothing and accessories. At the end of night guests retire to one of five themed rooms for a pleasant slumber. If you aspire to be a true Viking warrior or are looking for that unique Viking experience, plan a stay at this Medieval Brew and Bed to accentuate your NFL Gameday Weekend, mention the "Quest for 31" when you make your reservation and you may even get a special deal.

Steinarr, Greg, Mike, and GillyGameday arrived at 4:00AM, as our Viking troupe arose to meet the new challenge of another adversary. This week it would be the Lions from Detroit. Joined by other Viking warriors, Darrin, Chris and the Dome Gnome, Stienarr led the charge to the Metrodome and the Quest Machine followed.

Viking fans are incredible tailgaters and they are known for their tailgate vehicles. As one walks along the Purple Lots adjacent to the Metrodome it’s astounding the see the collection of customized purple and gold tailgate cruisers, the best of which is the BattleWagon. Doug, Terry and the boys still maintain the crown for the best modified tailgate cruiser in the National Football League. The BattleWagon is a converted delivery truck with a set of horns on the hood and a great purple and gold paint job, but what sets the BattleWagon BattleWagon and the Quest for 31apart from all others is the interior. The interior of the BattleWagon is outfitted like the ultimate mobile mancave. With living room furniture, an Astroturf floor, and a satellite dish fed, flatscreen TV, the BattleWagon boasts some impressive credentials, but what sets it apart from all others is the working gas fireplace that serves as a centerpiece for the room’s decor. The BattleWagon crew is also a rowdy band of ultimate tailgaters who know how to have a good time. If you’re lucky enough to party with these guys, be sure to seize the opportunity.

was upon us before we knew it and after emptying my Viking drinking horn several times with a selection of locally brewed refreshments, including some Summit Ale and Grain Belt Beer, I decided it was time to head into the Metrodome. It’s always refreshing to see a fanbase that knows how to use the dome to its advantage, and Viking fans are rather adept at creating a hostile environment for opposing offenses to work in. Typically they lead the league with Seattle Seahawks fans for the most opponent false start penalties, the Singing the Fight Song "Skol Vikings"primary 12th man statistic. Once inside the dome, you’ll see Viking horns everywhere. Fans wear them on their heads, they drink out of them and blow them to lead the rally cries. The ultimate Viking fan experience however is the singing of the Minnesota Viking Fight Song, “Skol Vikings” after every score. The crowd erupts and 65,000 fans belt out the same tune. It’s incredible.

For our matchup this weekend, the 0-2 Vikings were pitted against a resurgent 0-2 Detroit Lions team. This was a must-win for the purple and gold and they played that way. From the opening kickoff, energy levels within the dome were high and although Detroit drew first blood it wasn’t long before Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson led the charge to beat up on a longtime rival. In the end, with some strong runs by AP including an electrifying 80-yard touchdown, the Vikings prevailed 24-10 in an effort to right the ship as they seek to claim 2010 for the purple and gold

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City of Minneapolis Local Information  
Top Tourist Attractions:
Mall of America
Land of 10,000 lakes - fishing, boating, swimming
Lake Superior in Duluth

Local Foods:
Wild Rice
Morey's Smoked Fish from Lake Superior

What They're Drinkin': 
Summit, Schell's, Gluek

Tailgating Hotspots:
Purple Lot 1 next to the Metrodome
White Lot

Fan Resources:
Pocket Map of Minneapolis
Stadium Policy
Stadium Parking Map
Fan Forum:

Local Sports Media:
The Star Tribune, Minneapolis Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press
KFAN 1130AM - Listen LIVE
Popular Bar Districts:
Downtown Minneapolis (Brits Pub, First Avenue, Nicollet Mall Bars)
NE Minneapolis Uptown ( Tony Jaros, Mayslacks, Gasthaus, Nye’s
     Polanaise Room, Stasius (men's room a must-see)
Dinkytown ( U of Minnesota Bars )
Warehouse District
Sports Bars(Joe Sensers, Benchwarmer Bobs, Hubert’s, Bunny’s)

Best Restaurants:
Matt's Bar (Juicy Lucy Burgers)
Ruth's Steak House (Steak)
Kramarczuk East European Deli
Jax Cafe'
Nye’s Polanaise Room

Getting to the Stadium:
To get to the HHH Metrodome, you're going to want to drive there.  There's plenty of tailgating in the Purple lots and it's well worth it to drive your car, park in a lot, and take part in some premiere tailgating.

Where to Stay:
You're going to want to get a hotel in downtown Minneapolis.  Lots of nightlife, lots of things to do.  Drive to the Stadium on gameday and plan on parking in any of the tailgating lots on the way.  The Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Downtown and The Westin Minneapolis are great hotels for weekend tailgaters.

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Skol Vikings, let's win this game,
Skol Vikings, honor your name,
Go get that first down,
Then get a touchdown.
Rock 'em . . . Sock 'em
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Go Vikings, run up the score,
You'll hear us yell for more. . .
Skol, Vikings, let's go!

Miles from Minneapolis   The cozy confines of Asgard   Locked in the Stocks by Lady Amber
Brandon, myself, and Justin   Battle Wagon boys and the Commissioner   Hanging out with the SuperFan
Utilizing the traditional Viking Drinkin Horn   Dome Gnome, Darrin, Myself, and Chris   Tapping the Beer Wench
Norse gods Freya and Odin   The Gang from   The Great Joe Cahn - Commissioner
Battle Wagon - Ultimate Tailgating Vehicle   Lothar, Latin Viking, and Travis   Plush Interior of the Battle Wagon
Stadium #22 Revisited   A Brave Lions Fan ... with Great Seats!   Conquering the HHH Metrodome

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