Stadium #20
Cowboys Stadium
Arlington, TX
Carolina Panthers vs. Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys Stadium
September 28, 2009
21 - 7 Win
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Stadium Vitals

Built: 2009
Capacity:  80,000 seats
Playing Surface:  SofTop Removable System
Draft Beer: $8.00
Hot Dog: $5.50
Stadium Parking: $75.00

Cowboys Stadium

925 North Collins Street  
Arlington, TX 76011
(817) 404-0091
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Stadium Review
- The New Super Stadium in Arlington

Quest for 31 at Cowboys Stadium in ArlingtonOne word to describe Cowboys Stadium in Arlington? Incredible. Truly Incredible. From everything I read, the impetus behind the construction of Cowboys Stadium, besides erecting the most profitable structure in the National Football League, was to present the fan with an experience unlike what they might get at home. After my visit to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Iím more than pleased to report that ďJerry WorldĒ or ďThe Palace in DallasĒ and itís become known through the mainstream media does more than deliver. More than just a football game in an arena, for eight weekends throughout the regular season Jerry Jones strives to create a pro football fan experience that transcends even the product down on the field. From the larger than life, Guinness Book of World Record holding, high definition video screen to multilevel party pass common areas to the Rhythm and Blues Dancers and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, gameday has become a circus Ö a celebration to the larger than life Dallas Cowboys franchise. Itís fantastic, itís a Cowboys Stadium - that scoreboard is massivespectacle, itís an awe inspiring celebration of the game I love, and I enjoyed every breath-taking minute of my experience in the new home of the Dallas Cowboys. Love him or hate him, Jerry Jones has to be respected as the best owner in professional sports. Hereís a guy that year after year does everything it takes to put a winner on the field in Dallas Ö and now this. Donítí get me wrong, with its $50,000 personal seating licenses (PSLís), inflated ticket prices and $75.00 parking fee, this $1.15 billion facility, is designed to take every dollar you have, but what you get in return is well worth the price of admission.

Walking through the door an hour and a half before game time, which is very uncharacteristic for a guy who loves tailgating as much as I do, my jaw dropped when I saw how massive the scoreboard was. That thing is seventy feet tall and spans from twenty-five yard line to twenty-five yard line. It was actually certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World's Dallas Cowboys Stadium Scoreboard - 70 feet x 160 feetLargest High-Definition Video Display before the game began, and in my opinion, itís worth every cent that Jerry Jones sunk into it. Throughout the game, stadium personnel bring you camera angles and video that you wouldnít normally get during a typical broadcast. From player entry in the morning to the behind the scenes locker room feeds, Cowboy huddles and play calling at the line of scrimmage, fans are treated to a spectacle in HD. I guess Jerry recognizes our societyís fascination with voyeurism and reality TV and heís found a way to bring it to NFL game day. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders never looked as alluring as they do in HD and their Rhythm and Blues Dancers, perched on top of mezzanines overlooking the party pass areas bring a club-like atmosphere to the game. Throughout the day, you find yourself trying to fight the temptation to watch the scoreboard rather than watch the live action as it plays out down on the field Ö itís really just that captivating. The only complaint I would have is with the high pitch audio. If a whistle down on the field is broadcast through the state of the art sound system that supports the video board, the high pitched shrill can be deafening.

Chopped Beef sandwich at Dallas Cowboys StadiumAs for Cowboy concessions, the standard items appear on the menu, but they do have a couple of items that standout. I would highly recommend the Chopped Beef BBQ Sandwich ($8.50), a massive chopped beef sandwich with peppers and onions. Itís fantastic!  There are plenty of concessions stands with a multitude of options from Nathanís hotdogs to Papa Johnís Pizza and lots of beer. The concourses are wide and spacious, and the bathroom facilities are the largest Iíve ever seen. In this stadium your beer rental and return is processed as efficiently as anywhere else in the National Football League. Iíve never seen so many urinals in one place! It should also be noted that the entire facility is meticulously cleaned and maintained throughout the game. I actually heard a fan say, that he felt bad about making a mess after dropping part of his sandwich on the floor. He promptly picked it up and grabbed some extra napkins to wipe up the excess spillage (wonder how long that will last).

Party Pass areas at Cowboys StadiumThe Party Pass is easily the best deal going. For thirty dollars, you have the run of the place. You can mingle on one of the many party plaza common areas, hit up one the giant bars, or set up shop at the circular staircases that ascend to the multilevel concourses and overlook the field. The only issue is that youíre standing for the full four quarters, but Iím sure most donít mind.

Stadium security is also more than impressive. A couple of women got into an altercation with a fairly cantankerous gentleman behind us and security was on the spot within minutes to diffuse the situation. It appeared that they not only used radios and visual cues to locate belligerants but the closed circuit camera operators were also guiding them the exact row and seat of the fan responsible for the lodged complaint.

The roof was closed on this particular night, so unfortunately God was unable to watch His team, but on cooler evenings the roof retracts and the windows in the two endzones can be opened up to allow a natural breeze to flow through the stadium.

Designated Tailgating areas at Cowboys StadiumAs reported by the Dallas Morning News earlier this season, tailgating has really been limited in the parking lot, which I really think is a mistake. On the periphery of the lot, there are grass plots reserved for tailgating, but you have to arrive early to get one and there really just arenít enough to go around. I think itís a shame that in such an amazing facility with a centralized focus on the fan experience that Jerry Jones has decided to restrict gameday tailgating in this way. As for my tailgate, we hooked up with Felix Chavez from who showed us the ropes at the old Texas Stadium and was happy to do the same for the new one. DallasTailgate is the premiere Cowboys tailgating group in Arlington and Felix had setup an impressive tailgate location working with the local CiCiís Pizza. This particular CiCiís location is situated within striking distance of the front door of the stadium and they have parking available for $70.00. Felix invited some additional groups to the Monday Night Football Tailgate. We had fellas from El Paso, a group of Canadians from British Columbia, and Dano and Patrick brought the fellas from to represent the visiting Carolina Panthers.

Game time was the culmination of shock and awe that has come to be synonymous with the enigma that is the Dallas Cowboys franchise. After a very lackluster first half that had the Carolina Panthers ahead 7-0, the Cowboys offense began moving the ball and the defense came up big limiting the Panthers vaunted ground game and intercepting Jake Delhomme twice. The second interception resulted in a defensive touchdown to close out the Panthers 21-7. Although there were some mistakes made on the both sides of the ball, the hometown Cowboys prevailed and I left the state of Texas with a 1-1 home team record. All in all, I have to say I was more than impressed with the new home of Americaís Team and I look forward to another return trip.

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City of Dallas Local Information  
Top Tourist Attractions:
JFK Assassination Tour (Dealey Plaza, grassy knoll, book depository)
Dallas Historic West End District
Stockyards in Fort Worth

Local Foods:
Grade-A Texas Beef
Chicken Fried Steak

What They're Drinkin':
Shiner Bock, BJ's Brewhouse, Humperdinks, Franconia Brewery

Tailgating Hotspots:
Cici's Pizza Parking Lot - $70.00/space - call Tim Weaver (817-201-8744)

Pocket Map of Dallas
Metro Rail Map (DART)

Stadium Policy
Stadium Parking Map
Fan Forum:,

Local Sports Media:
Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Dallas Observer
KTCK 1310  The Ticket,
The Fan 105.3, ESPN 103.3 FM
Popular Bar Districts:
Sundance Square, Ft. Worth (Flying Saucer, 8.0, City Streets, Blarney Stone)
Stockyards, Ft. Worth (Neon Moon Saloon, Cantina Cadillac , White Elephant)
West End District, Dallas (House of Blues, Dick's Last Resort, Hooters)

Best Restaurants:
Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse
Restaurant Row in Dallas (NW Highway & I-35)
Riskey's BBQ ($9.99 All u can eat GIANT beef ribs)
Mr. Sushi (best sushi in Dallas)
Lupes Mexican Restaurant

Getting to the Stadium:
Located in Arlington, TX, it's best to drive out to the stadium on game day and get a spot in one of the lots around the stadium.  Parking spaces are rather expensive, but then again everything's bigger in Texas.  Expect to pay $70 just to park.

Where To Stay:
Find a hotel in the downtown area of Dallas, Texas.  Arlington is a short drive away on gameday, but nothing beats the sights, and attractions of downtown Dallas.  I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Dallas which was a stone's throw from Dealey Plaza.  I'd also suggest The Magnolia Hotel, The Radisson or the Adolphus Hotels.

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Incredible Construction   What an amazing Scoreboard   Gary Kent Showing me Around
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    Cowboys Stadium at Night
Tony Romo in HD after the game   One last Goodbye ...   The Stadium at Night
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From: TxShelbyTx
Sent: Sunday, October 11, 2009 4:39 AM
  Hey! I was so tickled to learn that was you hanging out w/ Felix and -I just now had the opportunity to read your take on Cowboys Stadium and when you come back to town, I hope you guys will let me know! Have a safe trip and if we can do anything to help w/ your QuestFor31 - don't hesitate to let us know!
From: elizabeth amato from bloomfield, new jersey
Sent: Monday, August 24, 2009 8:56 PM
  My two girls are going to the dallas vs giants game. We are cowboy fans. There tickets are in section 147. Do those tickets get them into any free sections for food etc.? Please let me know I would really
appreciate it!!!

Not that I'm aware of, but it's all new at Cowboys Stadium.  What a facility!

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